Welcome to Funki Munki.

Funki Munki is your healthy general store, catering to the socially and environmentally conscious, gourmet foodie or special dietary needs customer. We have selections of gluten free, dairy free and sugar free items, as well as vegetarian, vegan, paleo and keto choices. All our fresh produce is organic or chemical free and includes local and heirloom content when in season. We take delivery of a range of ancient grain sourdough breads. Our wholefood section has a wide range of flours, grains (puffed, flaked and rolled), seeds, nuts, dried fruits and superfoods from around the world.

Funki Munki’s grocery section includes a wide selection of sugars, salts, herbs and spices, tinned goods, sauces, oils, vinegars, dressings, Asian seasonings and curries, and other condiments through to pasta, noodles and seaweed. Our fridges hold dairy and dairy free options, nitrate free meats, pre sprouted breads, dips, ferments and a variety of cold beverages and juices; while our freezer is host to dairy free ices, organic chickens, chicken pieces, frames and livers, organic grass fed beef bones and local frozen meals. We have a wide variety of treats from carob to chocolate, chips to biscuits, liquorice to health balls. Funki Munki provides a selection of white, green and black tea combinations as well as a large array of herbal teas, coffee, coffee substitutes and other beverages and cordials from a wide number of brands.

We also supply environmental cups, bottles and glassware – including exotic fibonacci styled wine or shot glasses and flasks. Then there is our range of stainless steel lunch boxes and pannikins, or our bamboo toothbrushes and hairbrushes. We also cater for babies and kids from bottom balms and washes to recycled mismatched cotton socks – and for the adults – hair and body care through to oral and face care. There are also the gender specific items such as shaving gels and sanitary products – tampons, pads and menstrual cups.

For the house we have scrubbers, cleaners, cloths and brushes as well as fragrances through to juicers, dehydrators and slicers. And there are the speciality wood, leather, metal and general upholstery cleaners and conditioners – including the traditional tung oil. Our natural therapy section has herbal supplements, minerals, vitamins, homeopathy, essential oils and other combinations. Pets are catered for with washes, supplements and treats; and garden and crops with humates, compost additives, microbial stimulants, and liquid or dry biological fertilisers.

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