15th April 2020

Some more online shop glitches to be aware of – our trout and any other meats that are sold ‘per kg’, but are pre packaged into random smaller sizes (we give indications of pack sizes in the description) may be challenging to order as you are forced to buy whole kilograms, and there is not always that much stock on offer. Please just list what you would like in your notes as you check out, just as we ask you to do for fresh ‘per kg’ fresh fruit and vegetables. We will always make contact with you to confirm if any amounts ordered look odd 🙂

29th March 2020

You could literally spend hours browsing this website. If you are wanting to make this experience quick and timely we suggest using the search box at the top of the screen.

Some search tips: pick a word/words that are likely to be part of the product title, brand, description or ingredient list. Generally picking ONE good search word can get you there quicker (more words can often pull up many more items). Spelling is important, and try the plural form if something does not pop up – for example if ‘apple’ does not work, then try ‘apples’

Just for your interest, our next fresh produce arrival in store is next Tuesday morning. It is only then that our stock levels in these items will show up online, so if you are chasing fresh produce, it might be best to wait till mid-morning Tuesday onwards so you can order from what arrives that morning.

24 March 2020

Funki Munki are ramping up their online delivery service in case this ends up being our sole means of trading. We are reaching out to other local businesses who can piggyback on our already established online store, to provide more variety to your grocery boxes, but also ensure their businesses continue through these challenging times.

We are heart warmed to welcome Thistle Flowers, Brumby’s Bakery and Sewanna onboard so far and invite you to check out their offerings. If there are other aligned local businesses that can see this working for them – please contact us.

We already support and outlet a wonderful network of local suppliers, and encourage you to support them too: Woods Organic Mill, Wellards Artisan Bakehouse, Jac and the Fox, John Semmler, Kitchen Witch, Graham’s Honey, Inglewood Poultry, Deano’s Trout, Working With Nature, Figtree Organics, Ballandean Soaperie and quite a few organic backyard gardeners.

So how does this work? In truth, this will be an evolving situation for a while but as of today we are going to try this for Inverell locals:

We encourage you to put your orders in online by 2pm each weekday afternoon (or you can just ring or email us if that suits better).

Note that when you click on any ‘per kg’ fresh produce, you are only offered full kilogram weights – this is a glitch with the system (a loooonnggg exasperating story). So if you are only wanting say 0.5kg (500gm) of tomatoes, then leave us a note on checkout, or we will contact you back to double check the amounts you really want. Any weight discrepencies or missing items are readily refunded immediately once the order has been finalised. You can always check stock levels by clicking on each item. Apart from human error, those stocks levels are usually correct, but always feel free to message or contact us to check. If you see something you want, but it is out of stock, or you want more than what is on offer (you are chasing bulk amounts) – simply write us a note or phone.

We are setup for delivering cold and frozen goods – though we do ask that someone be present at delivery to ensure those items are popped into the home fridge or freezer immediately.

Your grocery box will be gathered together and delivered by 6.30pm each weekday evening either to a designated address, or to a designated pick up point (which might be helpful for those further out of town).

You can pay by credit card on checkout, or we are happy to take payments over the phone or via direct deposit.

As for surrounding towns…. please watch this space….we are looking for a local coordinator in each of these towns and surrounds Moree, Wallangra, Coolatai, Bundarra, Ashford, Glen Innes, Warialda, Tingha, Bingara. The idea is for that keyperson to market out and collect any interest persons, then encourage orders to be placed with us, then find a driver amongst the group who can pick them all up from our designated pick up point. This can happen as often as suits that group.