Delivery – Where to and how much?

Non-perishables are happily delivered Australia-wide using Australia Post. The postage fee is automatically calculated during checkout and is determined by total volume and weight.

We can put orders on designated couriers for delivery to Moree, Glen Innes, Bingara and Warialda. Simply select which option you require on checkout.

There is $3 fee for deliveries around Inverell NSW – within 5kms.

*A quote can be supplied for bulk loads (over 22kg through to truck loads)

Will There Be Delivery Delays?

Accurate stock levels are provided for each product* Please feel free to make contact with us regarding ordering in out of stock items and to check on availability and likely delays.

*Stock levels are ‘live’ and reflect what is available in both the online and physical shop at any moment in time – though inventory levels can sometimes be incorrect due to human error. We apologise in advance if this situation does arise, but they are checked and corrected constantly.

What if weights are different to what I ordered?

A lot of the fresh fruit and vegetables, and some meats are sold by weight. If you are unsure of what weight you are really chasing, you can always type us a note. For example you can click 1kg tomatoes, but type below ‘I only want 2 tomatoes’. We will follow your instructions and change the weight accordingly. Your invoice total will reflect any changes, and refunds or requests for additional payment will follow.

Is something wrong with my produce?

In general, the organic market has a wider tolerance to cosmetic defects in fruit and vegetables because:

1) such variations do not affect the eating quality of the produce; and

2) organic producers do not use toxic or synthetic chemistry that can be used by conventional growers to suppress some of these defects.

This tolerance also limits excessive cost and waste involved with discarding edible food, and limits excessive food miles. In all, organic growers are supported in their endeavour to farm high quality nutritional food on environmentally diverse landscapes locally.

Supermarkets offer picture- perfect produce by pressuring farmers to:

1) apply synthetic fertilisers and prophylactic sprays (ie, just in case); and

2) discard all edible produce that does not meet their narrow criteria; and as a last resort

3) turn to other farmers to supply, often adding additional food miles by going further afield, even internationally.

In all, conventional growers are at the mercy of a ruthless market that has little regard for them, the environment, and most alarmingly, the nutritional quality of the produce they stock.

But we at Funki Munki are also aware that not all blemishes are skin deep; and while we do try, we do not always notice and discard damaged items before they reach your basket. If you feel there is a problem, please let us know within 24 hours so that we can organise either a replacement or refund. It also allows us to send your feedback through the suppliers so that they can respond and improve their business.

If you feel there is a problem with any non-perishable/packaged item, we will organise to have that item returned for assessment with the supplier, and then organise a refund.

Can I ask advice on using any of the products?

Our knowledge on many health and nutrition related products is extensive though limited in its depth. Carolyn spent well over a decade advising farmers and gardeners on biological approaches to their soils and plants – so can certainly make some helpful suggestions in that field. Feel free to contact us with any queries and we will do our best to assist.

In the meantime, we welcome feedback as it does help us build a picture of those products and practices that do seem to have a positive effect on the user, animals, plants and/or the environment in general.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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