Bashiri – Bolga Shoulder Bag Pink Purple Blue


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Stylish soft woven shoulder bag with leather straps and top closure

Hand-woven from the elephant grass which grows in the rich flood plains of the White Volta near the village of Bolgatanga, Northern Ghana. Equipped with durable leather handles they’re perfect for shopping, in the garden, around the home or just sitting pretty. Fully malleable and easy to reshape, simply immerse in water for a few minutes and adjust while we. We include a care and shaping guide to keep your basket looking its best.

Basket Details:
Country of Origin…………… Ghana
Material……………………… Elephant Grass, Leather
Diameter Approx…………. (L x W x H) 42cm x 20cm x 24cm.
The length of the straps are approx 40cm long.

Additional information

Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions 23 × 26 × 23 cm


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