Meadow & Marrow – Bone Broth Concentrate Burn 260gm


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If yous fast-paced society, then you are going to love this concentrate.

And if you want to tap into your fat stores to burn through more energy, then you will love this product even more!

Thats, Bone Broth BURN is designed to keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders. Designed to spike an increase in thermogenesis, BURN also provides blood sugar regulation support and appetite suppression benefits as well. 

Traditionally cooked for hours, creating the ideal bone broth can be a time consuming and arduous process, with the major benefits coming after hours and hours of cooking.

BUT Meadow and Marrow have made it easy, providing all the benefits of bone broth, including natural collagen production, amino acids, glucosamine, essential fats and minerals in a simple to use concentrate.

Simply add a teaspoon to hot water and consume on an empty stomach in the morning to receive all the benefits of bone broth and BURN fat while yous premium grass fed, hormone free Bone Broth. 

Ingredients: grass fed beef bones, naturally evaporated sea salt, medium chain triglycerides, matcha green tea blend (water, Japanese match green tea, ground cinnamon, olive leaf powder, Siberian ginseng, cayenne pepper), chilli powder.

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