Mindful Foods – Organic Activated Eros Granola 450gm


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2 in stock

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Feel the love flow from the very first mouthful!

Eros is a light, fruity blend with cranberries & pomegranate to tickle the tip of your tongue, with an undertone of smooth white chocolate, thanks to the creaminess of cacao butter & velvetty vanilla. The union of pomegranate & ginger encourage a flow of love-promoting hormones, while the increased blood flow stimulated by ginkgo, an increase in dopamine thanks to maca root & the sensuality of damiana, vanilla & rose, make this a blend suitable.. & ideal… For breakfast in bed!

In order to make these nutrients as available & digestible as possible, we soak our nuts & seeds in a cultured & PH controlled solution in order to ‘activate’ dormant nutrients.

Ingredients: Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat^, pepitas^, pecans^), coconut chips^, cranberries^ (sweetened with apple juice^), golden linseed^, puffed buckwheat^, brown rice malt syrup^, cacao butter^, raw macadamias, pomegranate extract^, ginger^, red rose petals^, ginger^, cinnamon^, beetroot^, damiana^, shatavari^, ginkgo^, vanilla extract

Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts & shells.

^= Certified Organic

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