Native Angus Beef – FRESH Sausages G/F Thick or Thin per kg (~ 500g) (not postable)


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Our Native Angus cattle are entirely free range, raised on clean air, pristine water and nutrient-rich pastures with no grain, no pesticides, no growth hormones and no antibiotics – ever.

Native Angus® can be continuously traced back to the origin of the Angus breed, with no imported bloodlines.

For almost 200 years, moderately framed Native Angus® have been producing beef of world renown eating quality, with taste from the back fat and buttery texture from the marbling, while fed and finished on grass alone.

Native Angus® have an unparalleled ability to transform pasture into magnificent beef of great value in a world where real food, naturally raised in the old-fashioned way, is becoming so highly prized.

Our Grazing Management is based on a systems view and a regenerative philosophy.

We use adaptive multi-paddock grazing management which attempts to balance ecosystem improvement, productivity, soil carbon and fertility, water-holding capacity and profitability.

Our method is to use multiple paddocks per herd with short grazing periods and long recovery periods. We adaptively change recovery periods, residual biomass, animal numbers and other management elements as conditions change.

Ingredients: beef, rice flour, salt, mineral salt (451), herbs and spices, dextrose (tapioca, maize), canola oil, flavour


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