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A biological activator and foliar fertiliser involving a blend of liquid fish, kelp, fulvic acid and a natural plant growth promotant.

Soil health is about mineralisation and the greatest source of broad-spectrum minerals can be obtained from ocean plants and creatures. Seawater contains over seventy minerals and anything that grows in this will inherit this mineral lode. Kelp is an ocean gift of immense value for soil and human health. In this sea plant, ocean minerals have fuelled the production of amino acids, vitamins and natural growth promotants which can act as a powerful food for land-based plants. Life-Force® SeaChange™ contains Australian Bull Kelp combined with liquid fish protein which provides a natural source of fatty acids, nitrogen and many other nutrients. Life-Force® SeaChange™ also contains a humate called fulvic acid – a potent, natural growth promoter.

Plants – Dilute at 10 mL per litre and spray onto both sides of leaf.

Soil – Dilute at 20 mL per 10 litres and apply with a watering can at a rate of 10 litres per 10 metres squared.

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