Protein Supplies – Restore Hydration Drink Pine/Coconut 10gm


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5 in stock

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Formulated for maximum hydration and recovery, restore is the perfect way to keep hydrated through your workout, and supplement your body with nutrients and minerals to aid in recovery & repair.
With added magnesium & calcium your cramps are covered, L-Glutamine for gut health, and immune system fortification & of course electrolytes sourced from Tender-Green Coconuts for hydrations. Seriously is there anything Restore can’t do?!
Restore contains no added sugar and is naturally sweetened by the coconut water & stevia, keeping it a pure and nasty additive-free recovery choice. For improved hydration and recovery, sip restore rather than take large gulps, both intra (during) and post exercise.
Main Points:
Delicious fruity taste
True isotonic hydration
Electrolytes sourced from tender green coconuts
Added Magnesium & Calcium for muscle cramping
Added L-Glutamine for immune fortification
Added BCAA for muscle recovery & repair
Icelandic Sea Minerals for added nutrients
Ingredients: Coconut Water Powder, Natural Flavours, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, L-Glutamine, AquaMin (Natural Sea Minerals), Food Acids (Citric, Malic), Branched Chain Amino Acids 4:3:3 (L-Leucine 41.1%, L-Isoleucine 29.4%, L-Valine 29.4%), Natural Sweetener (Stevia), Natural Colour (Curcumin Extract), Soy Lecithin (for easy mixing)


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