Super Sprout – Broccoli Sprout Powder 135gm


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1 in stock

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Broccoli Sprouts are an amazing new Superfood! Access the natural goodness of Broccoli Sprouts any time with Super Sprout’s 100% Pure Organic Broccoli Sprout Powder.

Broccoli Sprouts are the new renowned Superfood which can boost your immune system Broccoli Sprouts are rich in Sulphur which helps to cleanse and strengthen the blood Broccoli Sprouts improve digestion and lower cholesterol Super Sprout grow their Broccoli Sprouts from 100% Organic Seed and harvest them when they are 6 days old – young and bursting with goodness! A natural freeze dried product with no artificial colours flavours or preservatives The finest quality powder with no other products or fillers added – just 100% Pure Broccoli Sprout Powder Australian Certified Organic

Ingredients: Broccoli Sprout Powder 100%

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