Tarinore Farm – Beef Mince per kg (not postable)


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2 in stock

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Minced Beef varying weights (approx 400-500gm pack)
Sold Frozen

The production system Tarinore Farm practices (and teaches) is regenerative agriculture. This is agricultural production that actively rebuilds the environment towards full health. It is an ecological approach to farming that enables landscapes to renew themselves. We work with nature to rebuild soil health, increase soil carbon and minerals, improve soil life, improve plant function and diversity, and in so doing, improve animal health as well. We use minimal inputs, but when we do we utilise ones that benefit and not detriment the health of the system.

We tend to use organic inputs and some bio-dynamic inputs. To ensure the whole system continues to function, there are times where we also need to use appropriate fertilisers and animal health treatments, but always with an eye on the impact on the life and regeneration of the system. The goal is that the outcome is a regenerated landscape that sustains a diversity of healthy life including the humans we feed and the community we contribute to.


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