Anipal Pet Health – Calm Formula 135gm


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Powder Meal Topper

Did you know, over 72% of dogs display anxiety symptoms?

Help reduce stress and anxiety related behaviour with our FAST ACTING, non-drowsy, palatable meal topper powder. Rich in prebiotics, probiotics, omega 3 from flaxseed, & calming ingredients including Ashwagandha, Chamomile and Valerian Root, this soothing blend helps balance the gut-brain axis, providing a sense of calm in all dogs.

Specifically formulated with:
• Prebiotics & probiotics – Inulin & B.longum
o To support the gut-brain axis and improve behavioural issues
• Ashwagandha
o Provides improvement from stress and fear related symptoms
• Chamomile & Valerian Root
o Relieves restlessness and provides a sense of calm
• Omega 3 from flaxseed
o Naturally occurring omega 3 fatty acids, known to be beneficial for nervous system health and reducing inflammation

Hypoallergenic | Natural & delicious | No artificial fillers or preservatives | Grain, gluten & sugar free | Recycle Me – Jars made from 100% recycled plastic materials

45 serves (per 25 kg dog)

Active ingredients Amount per tsp (3 g)
Flaxseed powder 2.6g
Ashwagandha root 450mg
Chamomile 480mg
Inulin 240mg
Valerian root 210mg
B. longum 3 billion CFU

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