Mindful Foods – Organic Activated Maple Munchies 110gm


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These maple cinnamon nuts are peeerrfect when your hankering for something sweet and flavoursome!

Pecans and walnuts covered in a caramelly cinnamon crust. They’re delectably crunchy, leaving you teetering between wanting more, and feeling deeply, deeply satisfied.

You may not want to share them, but you must!
How to munch: as they are, sprinkled on yoghurt, granola, in salads, or on a cheeze board. P.S take them to your next dinner date!

Why do we activate nuts?
To promote optimal digestion
To increase the bioavailability and effective absorption of nutrients
For that light, satisfying crunch!

Ingredients: Kombucha-activated (pecans* walnuts*) maple syrup* rice malt* activated nut butter (almonds* walnuts* cashews* pecans* brazil nuts*, hazelnuts*) raw macadamias*, cinnamon* brandy* tapioca* salt 
*=Certified organic ingredient

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