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Paleo Pro Pure No Whey! Our Paleo Pro is a truly Paleo-friendly, high protein source, containing no dairy, no legumes & no grains. Our 100% all natural egg-white protein powder is single-sourced, delivering a medium-rate digestion, allowing a steady sustained-release of amino acids.

Crafted using reverse osmosis as a concentration step, PaleoPro contains all the naturally present minerals & vitamins, as well as a high biological quality similarity to whey proteins. As well as being an ideal choice for anyone following a Paleo lifestyle, PaleoPro is an excellent alternative to whey protein when lactose intolerance or milk allergies are an issue.

Free from fat & cholesterol, PaleoPro is easy to mix with no lumps. Perfect as a pre or post workout recovery, PaleoPro os also a great protein-boosting ingredient in the kitchen!

Ingredients: Egg Albumen (Egg White Protein)

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