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Reusable Swim Nappies Our reusable swim nappies are perfect for having fun in the water with your little one. Whether you’re visiting the local swimming pool, catching some waves at the beach or enjoying an summer getaway, our swim nappies are a hassle free alternative to disposable swim nappies.

The outer shell is made from 100% PUL.
The inner lining is made from nylon mesh.
Fit and Features Our swim nappies are one-size-fits-most (OSFM) which means they can be adjusted to fit your baby as they grow.
Adjustable press stud along the waist can be securely snapped to provide a comfortable fit.
Designed to catch any solid waste. Benefits It’s always on hand and you don’t have to worry about running out.

Adjustable sizing means that one nappy can last you from baby to toddler.
Saves you money as you don’t have to keep buying disposable swim nappies.
Better for the environment as it can be used over and over again.
If you’re travelling it takes up much less packing space than disposable nappies

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