Percys – Powder 30 x 1.4gm


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Created by a motivated Australian veteran farmer, Percys own personal formula in fighting cancer. With his own deep understanding of chemistry, he realised that our way of living causes our bodies to become acidic thus compromising our health.

Benefits of Percys Powder once daily in water and stir well. May also use juice. Best taken with a diet containing vitamin B12 and other essential nutrients. Ingredients: Each sachet contains: Magnesium sulfate, 78.1mg Potassium sulfate, 131.0mg Iron sulfate, 9.1mg Zinc sulfate, 10.2mg Manganese sulfate, 9.1mg Iodine as potassium iodide, 75mcg Selenium as seleomethionine, 50mcg

Caution: This product contains selenium. High doses of selenium can be toxic and should not exceed 150mcg daily. Each sachet contains 120mg of sodium bicarbonate as an effervescing agent.

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