Salt of the Earth – Salt Celtic Coarse 650gm


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2 in stock

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Comes from the North West of France. It is Harvested manually without any mechanical manipulation. These delicate sun dried (medium sized) moist crystals remain unwashed and completely natural with nothing added and nothing removed. The original SALT of the EARTH Hand-Harvested coarse sea salt crystals are 100% natural and Chemical free.

This fully mineralised moist sea salt is of the highest potency containing minerals and natural trace elements essential to the body’s daily needs.

The good salt breaks down the complex carbohydrates of grains and vegetables for better digestion. Fully mineralised natural salt does not create thirst and assists in hydration.

Moist coarse Sea Salt crystals are best stored in natural clay or wooden containers that allow the salt to “breathe”. These coarse Crystals are ideal for use with our Ceramic Salt & Spice Grinder.

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